Anna’s Custom Tailoring

Inside the Knickerbocker Hotel

1028 E. Juneau St.

Milwaukee, WI  53202

To contact us:

Phone: (414) 224-9633

Customer Comments

“I have been coming to Anna for 15 years. Her work is impeccable.  No matter how challenging the alteration, Anna always finds a way.  She cares about her clients and always tries to accommodate them.  And, I’ve presented her with some extraordinary challenges and she has never disappointed me!”

                                                                                           Wendy Selig-Prieb


“Anna did a wonderful job on my wedding dress.  She even finished early!”

                                                                                           Amanda Carpenter


“For many years, Anna has provided us excellent alteration services.  She is very skillful, meticulous and imaginative and always reliably prompt.”

                                                                              Juille B. Grossberg, M.D.

                                                                              Sidney E. Grossberg, M.D.


“Anna’s Tailoring does such an excellent job that I would recommend her to anyone. She completed my alterations in two days. Supreme and super job! Thanks again.”

                                                                              Katrina Fisher


I contacted your mother and my coat is now in her hands for a pick up this afternoon. I am just thrilled to meet your sweet mother, and will take all of my work to her from now on. She has earned a customer for life whether she wants me or not. Thanks for your prompt reply to my S.O.S.”


                                                                              Lindsey Bovinet