Bridal Fitting…

What to Bring, What to Expect

While many seamstresses do fittings differently, below is a description of what to expect from a bridal fitting with Anna and what to bring with you:

At the First Fitting:

What to Bring – Shoes and undergarments that will be worn at the wedding.

First, I look at the bodice and how it fits. If there is much work to be done on the bodice, a second fitting may be required to make sure.  If the bodice fits nicely, I will focus on other aspects of the alterations such as hemming.  Brides usually have a length in mind at the first fitting.  Lengths vary, including floor length, 1” off the floor, tea length, etc.  For dresses needing hemming, I recommend a 1" off the floor length and adjust it for the bride's walking comfort and the needs of lacy decoration at the bottom. Most brides find 1" a good length that keeps them from tripping over the dress while dancing and still gives a full length look. A hem that touches the floor is not a good idea for it will dirty the hem easier and make it harder to walk gracefully. 

From looking at the dress in the first fitting, I will give you an estimate of the cost for alterations.

At the Second Fitting (if needed):

What to Bring - Shoes, undergarments, and maybe the veil if it is a concern.

I will check the bodice and the hemming to make sure the alterations fit to the bride’s expectations.  If the bride is happy with the work, I will start creating a bustle and recommending several variations of bustle styles.  The bride can decide on the bustle style at the second fitting or take some time to think about the look she would like and let me know at another fitting. 

At the Third Fitting:

What to Bring – Shoes, undergarments and an attendant who will be in charge of the bustle.

This is usually the last fitting. The dress is steamed and everything is double checked. Then, I will teach the attendant how to hook and manage the bustle.  It is recommended that the bride bring a friend as she cannot hook her own bustle.

Bridesmaid Fitting…

What to Bring, What to Expect

For bridesmaids, I usually only require one fitting.  The bridesmaid should bring the shoes and undergarments that will be worn at the wedding.  Most jobs for bridesmaids will take about 2 weeks but I may be able to complete alterations in a shorter time, depending upon my workload.